Crowdsource Credit Card Merchant Services!
High Risk & Low Risk Merchat Services


Crowdsource Credit Card Merchant Services!

We understand that shopping around for credit card processing rates is a hassle. That’s why we’ve invented a new way to guarantee the lowest processing rates…Crowdsource Merchant Services. By grouping merchants into a “Processing Pool” we can leverage the cumulative monthly volume of the pool to gain direct access to the discount rates set by the card brands.  The reason this works is credit card acquirers are attracted to the large monthly volume and will give discounted rates to acquire and services the pool. Don’t worry, each merchant is processed individually as always.  There is no business overlap in any way!  We are simply grouping individual businesses and using the group to as leverage to access discounted processing rates.

At Scene Premiere, we protect you from overpaying for credit card processing. Our clients accept credit cards with confidence knowing they’re only paying what they have to.

Benefits Of Scene Premiere’s Crowdsource Credit Card Merchant Services!

  • Discounted Processing Rates
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Contracts or Cancellation Fee
  • No IRS Fee
  • No Negotiating
  • Dedicated Service and Support
  • Low Rate Guarantee


Funds will automatically be directly deposited within 24-48 hours.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No contract. No cancellation fee. If you are unhappy for any reason you can move your merchant services at any time with no penalty.


Scene Premiere is PCI compliant. We adhere strictly to industry standards to manage our network, secure our Web and client applications, and set policies across our entire organization.

Customer Service 24/7

We are available to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Crowdsource Merchant Services is not available for high risk!

Due to their high risk status the following businesses are prohibited: accounts receivable and billing, adult oriented, advanced payments older than a year, airlines, online or non face to face alcohol sales, non financial institution cash advance, cash gifting, chain letters, check cashing establishments, collection agencies or assets recoveries, identity theft services, credit repair, cruise lines, currency exchange, debt consolidation, drug paraphernalia, extended warranty companies, online firearm or weapon sales including ammunition, online gambling, get rich quick schemes, golf clubs, healthcare plans, loan modification, lotteries or raffles, medical marijuana, lifetime membership clubs (health and sports), money transfer services, online pharmacy, designer name products replicas, special incentives or rebates, lifetime subscription service, online tobacco sales.


 Merchant and Credit Card Fraud

Remember…always keep up to date with merchant account fraud and credit card fraud education! Please see the following to help advise about credit card fraud and merchant account fraud and how you can avoid the issue:

PCIFBI | FTC | Stop Fraud .gov | HG | | DOJ | SS | FFIEC | CSOS

Contact us anytime with your merchant processing questions.