e-commerce merchant account shopping cart question?
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e-commerce merchant account shopping cart question?

Question by lindsay g: e-commerce merchant account shopping cart question?
If i set up a merchant account, will I get software to put a shopping cart in my site? i built my site with dreamweaver, and they have a shoppingcart, and i use hostmonster.com for a host and THEY have a shopping cart/merchant account package… but i also have a friend that sells merchant accounts.. what should i do>???

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Answer by drachma
This is a complicated question —
It depends on the merchant account package.
Sometimes the merchant account gives you access to eCommerce packages i.e. Miva Merchant or open source osCommerce. You get full functionality but will not have the ability to customize it fully – but some you might.

Some times merchant accounts only provide SSL and ability to install shopping carts easier…through 1 click button as opposed to your own installation.

My advice is get to know eCommerce packages if you’re going that route. Any web host can add SSL and you yourself can install packages like Miva/osCommerce/XCart/ZenCart etc…

Get a Merchant account only if they take care of software installs, upgrades, etc. Or better – go with an e cart solution like goecart.com for example.

Hope that helps.

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  • transtech c - December 28, 2013

    I also sell merchant accounts. Any credit card processing company should be able to provide you with a package that will be compatible with your website. Sometimes, the only difficulty comes when it is a Yahoo Store but yours isn’t. You need to check the rates of all your options. Don’t just use the hosts because it seems easier becuz many times, they may be priced too high in fees. Check the discount % rate, for an online account most of yours are going to be mid-qualified or non-qualified rates which are higher because no one is actually swiping the credit card, therefore the chance for fraud is higher. Check the monthly fees, monthly minimum, per transaction fees, etc. Message back if you have questions.

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