Webmasters Payment Gateway Providers?
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Webmasters Payment Gateway Providers?

Question by brianluke1: Webmasters Payment Gateway Providers?
Can you refer me to a cash processing gateway? Yes, I have merchant accounts with Amex and MC and Visa I need a way for customers to place their orders.

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Answer by Ron
6 Payment Gateways Reviewed: http://www.sitepoint.com/article/money-where-mouse-is-gateways/

Ecommerce Payment Gateway Primer: http://www.websitepublisher.net/article/payment-gateway/

What You Should Ask A Payment Gateway Provider: http://michellenewman.wordpress.com/2007/07/19/what-you-should-ask-a-payment-gateway-provider/


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  • just "JR" - February 1, 2014

    “Cash” processing for a website??? I only know electronic transfers…
    Not sure what you want, but if you want an example, download the free “easy PayPal Integration script” from http://www.web2coders.com.
    It provides a payment gateway withing minutes of integration.