apply for credit card?
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apply for credit card?

Question by caelie a: apply for credit card?
I want to apply for a credit card but I don’t know about credit card companies which provides best credit card.

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Answer by Abby_Normal
It depends on your credit.

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  • ~carmie~ - May 7, 2014

    Well the best way to look at different credit card companies is to see who has the lowest interest rate. Go from there.

  • Robert K - May 7, 2014

    One of the largest credit card Issuers in the world is MBNA.

    MBNA was bought by Bank Of America.

    You can try MBNA, Bank Of America, or Chase.

    Get a card with a fixed APR (Anal Percentage Rate) if you can get one. Also what you want to look for is a card that does not charge you any annual fees.

    And the last but not least find out if you like to earn Flight Miles, Travel Rewards, Points toward electronics purchases, money towards new car purchases.

    There are thousands different rewards cards might as well use them and get something back in return.

    I personally have a Gold Points card form MBNA. I can use the points to get free meals at Friday’s. Or get free hotel stays at certain hotel chains across the U.S.

    Hopefully this Helps

  • traffic816 - May 7, 2014

    Go here to compare and contrast them..

  • brady ewart - May 7, 2014

    Best Credit cards include many benefits into a single product making things a lot easier for the consumer and making the cards really appealing to potential clients. The low interest schemes are what attract customers the most; however there are many other benefits that also contribute to this card’s popularity.
    Popularity raised for these cards due to the low interest rate schemes that they feature, also there are many reward programs that can be associated to these cards. But mainly, the flexibility they provide contributes to improving credit score and history as timely payments are always reported to the credit bureaus.
    Also, these cards feature tons of discounts on retail stores and services that can provide you with huge savings altogether. Reward plans can be combined and with the same credit card you can have airline miles, products, gas, etc. awarded to you due to your purchases. Thus, you can avoid having many different cards which can ruin your credit due to the amount of credit lines open that would appear on your credit report.