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What is the best alternative for a high risk merchant account’s personal guarantee?

Question by Jake G: What is the best alternative for a high risk merchant account’s personal guarantee?

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Answer by Marie C
There are several alternatives but confidence from your high risk merchant account provider usually comes from your ability to be able to pay them once you owe them money. The letter of credit acts as guarantee that you will be able to pay your provider in the form of loan from your own bank. The letter of credit will only be used only under the conditions written in it.

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What’s the average rate of acceptance for high risk merchant account applicants put under the TMF?

Question by Phoenix: What’s the average rate of acceptance for high risk merchant account applicants put under the TMF?

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Answer by Merchant Helper
I’ll be upfront with you, its not good. < 1%. Processors take TMF's very serously and it is hard to place merchants that have been TMF'd. Its much easier to resolve the TMF, or in some cases reincorporate.

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Can a phone replace your wallet? I went shopping to find out.

Can a phone replace your wallet? I went shopping to find out.
Google Wallet, PayPal, and Apple Pay are all mobile payment leaders with substantial clout, but even they struggle to get merchants to invest in the tech that enables tap-to-pay transactions. There's also SoftCard, a mobile payments solution from AT&T …
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NRG Energy's (NRG) CEO David Crane on Q3 2014 Results – Earnings Call
We urge everyone to review the Safe Harbor statement provided in today's presentation as well as the risk factors contained in our SEC filings. We undertake no obligation to update these …. This again highlights the value of our balanced portfolio …
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Visa Debuts Chip Card Campaign

Visa Debuts Chip Card Campaign
“The adoption of chip technology has the potential to virtually eliminate counterfeit fraud when widely adopted, and will help consumers feel more confident about using their payment cards,” Ellen Richey, chief enterprise risk officer at Visa, said …
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Medicine Prices At Risk Under Pacific Trade Draft: Critics
The 77-page draft chapter, dated May 16, showed a push to extend protection for drugs and other medicines which would keep prices high for longer and delay the introduction of cheaper generic alternatives, according to legal experts and groups …
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Apple Pay hits US stores Monday — assuming buyers can find anywhere to use it
A person's account information, including the 16-digit card number, is not stored on the phone or with the merchant, according to the credit card companies and Apple. Instead, token technology allows a unique digital Device Account Number to be …
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Are travel agencies considered high risk?

Question by avery: Are travel agencies considered high risk?
If so, what are the reasons? does it mean that it’s also risky to book flights with them?

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Answer by Sophie
they tend to overcharge, and are not so trustworthy when it comes to saving you $ $ $ .

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Woodside's Buyback Deal With Shell at Risk of Being Blocked

Woodside's Buyback Deal With Shell at Risk of Being Blocked
Some of the Shell executives involved, including for example, Tim Hannagan, still hold high positions inside Shell – in his case, Global Brand and Visual Identity Manager. If Shell does not accept that this is a true, provable account of what happened …
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Fixed income and event driven Americas winners announced
The firm was founded in 2005 by Wartell and Jeffrey Bersh. The pair met in 1993 when they were both junior high yield analysts with adjacent desks at Merrill Lynch. Wartell moved on to the proprietary trading desk at Merrill and in 1999 joined Deutsche …

What is a high risk merchant account?

high risk merchant account
by lisby1

Question by : What is a high risk merchant account?

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Answer by stymiee
Some businesses by their very nature have higher then normal chargeback rates. Sometimes this is due to the product or service offered by the merchant being in high demand but also being high priced (e.g. high end electronic, jewelry, etc.). Sometimes it is because the service causes customers to be misled whether intentionally or not (e.g. multi-level marketing schemes). Regardless of the root cause these businesses will usually find it difficult, if not impossible, to establish a merchant account.

The businesses considered to be high risk will vary from merchant account provider to provider. However, there are some businesses and industries that are consistently considered high risk. This list includes:

* Adult Book Stores
* Adult Entertainment
* Adult Novelties
* Adult Video Stores
* Advanced Sales
* Check Cashing Services
* Child Pornography
* Collection Agencies
* Credit Repair Services
* Dating/Escort
* Diet Marketers/Programs
* Exotic Dancing Establishments
* Multi-level Marketing
* Pharmacies (Card Not Present/Internet)
* Pornography
* Sexual Encounter Firms
* Telemarketing
* Time Share
* Travel Clubs/Tours/Guides
* Vacation Packages

For these businesses to accept credit cards they typically have to turn to high risk merchant account providers. These companies are typically off shore and always charge higher rates then traditional merchant account providers. Rates can go as high as 20% of sales and some may charge set up fees of $ 1,000 or higher. The reason why these rates and fees are so high is the high risk merchant account provider needs to make sure they make enough money to cover the costs of the high number of chargebacks they will receive.

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Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of US Territories

Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of US Territories
But it is important to think of yield as compensation for risk (or even as a measure of risk) and in this case, that yield is payment for structural budget deficits, chronic deficit financing, elevated government payrolls, high energy costs and non …
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Futures, Cash Waltz Lower, But Restocking Could Be A Problem
The seasonal high in Boston is 50. Albany, NY's Tuesday high of 52 was seen making it to 61 on Wednesday but slipping to 55 Thursday. The normal early April high in Albany is 52. Philadelphia's Tuesday high of 59 was anticipated to reach 66 on …
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SEC Enforcement: Traders Used Wives' Information to Make Insider Trades
Risk-Based Oversight of Investment Advisors Even if the SEC had a larger budget and more resources, it is doubtful that the Commission would have the resources to regularly examine all RIAs. Therefore, the SEC is likely to continue relying on risk …
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NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – September 09, 2014) – has named the 30 top high risk processing firms providing solutions in the payment processing industry for the month of September 2014. Businesses looking for … The …
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Collections Credit Card Processing Company Payment Savvy LLC Now Offers
For example, one of the company's many services focuses on high risk merchant account solutions. This is a great option that will help clients who are having challenges finding a workable solution to processing credit cards. As an article on the …
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New Possibilities for HighRisk Merchants Provided by RegularPay
According to the volume of chargebacks, merchants are divided into three groups: low-, medium- and high-risk merchants. The main criteria for such division is a monthly level of chargebacks. Chargeback is a return of funds to a customer, forcibly …
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Lastest High Risk Merchant Account News

Highrisk industries can now accept online credit card payments and secure a have a newly launched service that aims to help businesses that operate within so called 'high-risk' industries secure merchant accounts more easily in order to enable them to accept debit and credit card payments as well …
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Marijuana Merchants Denied Bank Accounts
Ryan Kunkel is a legal marijuana merchant and owns several dispensaries in the Seattle area. But because banks are worried about the implications of being in professional cahoots with "drug dealers," many—incuding state-chartered ones—are denying …
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A few things to consider when reviewing merchant account services: setup fees, processing rates, and other account service fees. Some merchants specialize in international merchant accounts, high-risk merchants, small business services, or other …
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