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What is the best alternative for a high risk merchant account’s personal guarantee?

Question by Jake G: What is the best alternative for a high risk merchant account’s personal guarantee?

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Answer by Marie C
There are several alternatives but confidence from your high risk merchant account provider usually comes from your ability to be able to pay them once you owe them money. The letter of credit acts as guarantee that you will be able to pay your provider in the form of loan from your own bank. The letter of credit will only be used only under the conditions written in it.

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Bricks and 'clicks' can co-exist

Bricks and 'clicks' can co-exist
We are all aware of the stats that identify the exponential growth of online sales, but the fact remains that even in the most mature markets they account for below 10 per cent of aggregate sales. … What started as a personal relationship between a …

Fitch Affirms Redecard's IDR at 'BBB+'; Outlook Stable
They account for about 32% of the Brazilian banking system. Redecard's affiliation with these leading banks gives it access to their broad customer base to acquire merchants accounts and creates high barriers to entry. The penetration of credit and …
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House Small Business Committee Hearing
As a result, it could be argued that small businesses that blindly accept Bitcoin are not actually in commerce but are in the high-risk speculative trading business. In contrast to small businesses, a Wall Street trading company might be willing to …
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How do high risk merchant account providers assess the cost of setting up an individual merchant account?

Question by Dan: How do high risk merchant account providers assess the cost of setting up an individual merchant account?

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Answer by Marie C
Many high risk merchant account providers will assess your costs depending on your business profile, owner’s personal credit, time in business, average ticket charge, monthly processing volume, business solvency, past processing history, and other lesser but important factors.

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Buying Your Own House? Fees To Worry About

As the biggest, most important purchase of your life, a house is a huge investment requiring a great deal of planning and sacrifice. Get as informed as you can before you start walking in the shoes of a home owner and you will avoid a great deal of post-buying distress. Here are the main factors that need to be taken into consideration while building your budget. As a thumbs up, you are almost always going to have to dig a lot deeper in your pockets than first expected, due to the large numbers of more or less hidden fees.


Mortgage And Other Legal Fees


Your mortgage fee is also highly likely to be comprised of a mortgage arrangement fee also. This is an extra fee you will be asked to pay to your lender and in many cases the money is non-refundable. This is the case even for those homes whose purchase is not eventually completed as planned. There are lenders who are willing to cover part of the legal fees on their own; in such cases, they will also be quick to prompt the naming of solicitors you will be obliged to use. Choose to do things on your own and cover your own conveyancing and you will have to add some extra few hundred dollars to the list of extra fees. As for the valuation fee, lenders will charge you for the actual valuation of the home’s existence and ability to secure the respective loan.


Survey costs, items removal costs, home repairs, or stamp duty costs are additional expenses you will also need to factor in when buying a house. As you can see, you could use all the extra money you can get our hands on. Joining the Ladbrokes affiliate program is an excellent idea to start with to make some extra money.