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High Risk & Low Risk Merchat Services

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Foreigners continue buying local government debt despite risks
Last month foreign investors, who account for nearly 40% of the domestic market, bought R8.7bn of local bonds following May's purchases of R7bn, Barclays Africa South African strategist Michael Keenan said on Friday. Investors were taking advantage of …
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Bank Mutual Corporation Reports 35% Increase In Net Income For The Second
This improvement resulted in a decline in the portion of Bank Mutual's allowance for loan loss that is determined primarily by internal risk ratings and the level of loans within each rating. General economic, employment, and real … Deposit-related …
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ProPay® Launches TSYS Guardian CyberShieldSM in Partnership with
“While many businesses are challenged with determining whether or not an online transaction, account login or other activity is fraudulent, The Network provides TSYS Guardian CyberShield the capability to identify high-risk transactions in real time …
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Looking for a high risk payment processor (merchant account)?

Question by wicked_redhead3: Looking for a high risk payment processor (merchant account)?
I’m going to try and ask this question one last time. I am looking for a payment processor for a adult dating site. I have searched for weeks for one in the US and so far none that accept this type of business so I am now looking for payment processing companies in other countries. Please do not respond is you are doing a quick search and post a few names that show up. I have already done that. I am wanting to hear from people that use a company and can suggest a company that they use or have used with having no problems with them.

Best answer:

Answer by Robert
The only one that I know of is charge.com I have been recently looking for a high risk merchant payment gateway as well (though not for adult related industry) and aside from some offshore places, they were the only one that would take me on. I ended up forming another company that has absolutly nothing to do with my business and getting a merchant account for that company. Since my original company owns 51% of the new company, it is legal for me to use it to pull my payments.

Hope this helps.

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how to set up a merchant account?

Question by Ashvin 217: how to set up a merchant account?
I would like to know the exact procedures for setting up my own merchant account on my e-commerce website without passing through a third party merchant account provider.

I know I have to open a merchant account with a bank. But how to I integrate it on my website??

Thank you

Best answer:

Answer by stymiee73
There are lots of merchant account account providers out there so shop around and get several quotes before choosing a provider. You’ll save yourself a lot of money that way. My first link below is a comparison worksheet to make organizing their rates easier. I also link to a calculator that does the comparison for you so you can see who is the cheapest in the long run.

When applying for a merchant account you’ll need the following items:

1) Verification of a US business checking account (a voided check works just fine)

2) Verification your business is legal (any document from the local, state, or Federal government works just fine. This includes Articles of Incorporation, LLC paperwork, Federal Tax ID, Occupancy License, State Tax ID, Fictitious Name Certificate)

3) A signed contract (provided by your merchant account provider)

Additional documentation is usually only required if your merchandise or account is considered high risk (e.g. there is a high risk for chargebacks). But this is rare. Personal financial documents should never be asked for, even for new businesses, as they are unnecessary.

You do not need to be a US based business but your business does need to have a legal US address and a US checking account. Otherwise it may be based on foreign soil.

Being approved will be based on the overall risk of your account. The higher the risk, the less likely it will be approved. Conversely, the less risk you present to the bank, the more likely you will be approved.

Risk is determined by several factors including:

1) Environment: The Internet is the highest risk and retail stores are the lowest risk.

2) Product sold: High stereo equipment is high risk, coffee mugs are low risk.

3) Personal credit: The better your credit the better your chances of opening a merchant account.

They balance the risk associated will all three areas and determine if it is worth it for them to take on your account.

Establishing a merchant account can be anywhere from a smooth and easy process to a nightmare. Where it falls is both the product of the merchant account provider and the merchant themselves. The better the communication between the two the smoother and faster the process is.

An account can be opened in as little as four hours or as long as a few days depending on when the application is submitted and the underwriting guidelines of the processing bank. The application process should never take longer then that without a clear and legitimate reason. If your application is taking two weeks to be approved and you’ve had little to no communication with your sales agent, something is wrong and you should consider canceling your application.

All merchant account providers require that every business sign a contract when establishing their merchant account. At the very least this contract will specify what the merchant’s responsibilities are as well as those of the merchant account provider. The entire contract should be made available to you before you sign it.

To integrate your merchant account into your website you will need to use a payment gateway. A payment gateway basically acts like a credit card terminal for your website. It’s software that runs on someone else’s server and they have an API for connecting to it. All shopping carts have built in support for at least one payment gateway and usually have the ability to support more so you don’t have to do any work to make the gateway work.

I recommend the Authorize.Net payment gateway as they are the most popular, best priced, and easiest to use. Plus they are enabled in every shopping cart by default so you don’t have to go find plug ins or anything for it to work. And if you want to integrate into your website yourself their API is extremely easy to work with. I linked to some free code with a tutorial that should help you along.

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Lastest Merchant Account News

5 Things the Catalog Ninja is Doing Right Now
As you're looking at item-level usage forecasts, don't forget to adjust your items per thousand orders factors to account for these new items. If you had a $ 49.95 item that will now be priced at $ 52.95 and you've introduced a new $ 49.95 item that might …
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African Markets – Factors to watch on Sept 9
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iWatch from Apple may mean the end of plastic credit cards
Apple is expected to announce a new iWatch this week, and along with it new mobile payment platform that would be cheaper and easier to use than today's credit-card system. Apple's agreements with MasterCard, Visa, and American Express would allow …
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Q&A: Who are good online merchant account providers?

Question by GeorgeK: Who are good online merchant account providers?
I am planning to start an online business (e-commerce) and I need to accept credit cards online. it is really hard to get a merchant account from banks as they have many requirements. Not good for start-up businesses like mine.

Can you please suggest a good online merchant account provider for an online business?

Best answer:

Answer by psincere
Look at this site http://5linx.redvmerchantservices.com/?repID=L408429

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what is merchant account?

Question by Rahul: what is merchant account?
hi guys….
I m working in call centr frm last 4 years and now i m looking forwd to start my own call centr.
i m having enough money to invest….. bt i need info abt merchant account cz its necessary for me, and i dont know anything abt this acc.
I dont know its importance, its requirements and how can i open it and all.
So plz help me out plz….

Best answer:

Answer by Rock
I think its just a simple business license, so that your business income can be taxed.

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Lastest Merchant Account News

5 Cornerstones of Managing Your High-Risk Business – By Heather Petersen
A merchant services provider that specializes in high-risk accounts will stay proactive in notifying you of protective measures, fraud prevention programs, and the condition of your merchant account. This partnership can benefit your company immensely. 3.
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What is Merchant Account?

Question by jeo_onn: What is Merchant Account?

Best answer:

Answer by Monsta’
A Merchant Account is simply a relationship between a retailer, a merchant bank and payment processor for the settlement of credit card transactions. Any retailer who wants to take credit card orders must establish a merchant account.

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Alaric Introduces New Version of Fractals to Modernize Payment Fraud Detection
“The latest version of Fractals arms fraud teams with the best possible technology to protect their account holders and, ultimately, their bottom line.” The latest release incorporates new features designed for merchant acquirers, developed in …
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DataPath Provider Payments Simplifies Reimbursements for Workers
How it Works: DataPath manages the entire payment process, including provider registration. Once registered, providers are reimbursed for services by entering a secure account number on their merchant terminal. Through a customized portal, payers can …
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Android Apps for Mobile Payments Will Make Processing Simpler for Your
Like Square and PayPal though, you will need to buy the card reader and open a merchant account with them. Its strengths are support for many payment gateways and reasonable transaction fees. You can either pay them per transaction or a monthly fee …
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What is the difference between Merchant Account and Payment Gateway?

Question by M Shadows: What is the difference between Merchant Account and Payment Gateway?
Online Shopping

Best answer:

Answer by imisidro
Merchant account is a bank authorized account which allows you to accept major credit cards, electronic checks, etc. Note though that rates banks will charge you are higher if you are operating an online store because the “card is not present”

Payment Gateway is a software which actually processes customer order information, address, credit card number, etc. The data is sent to a credit card authorization network which verifies that the credit card is valid and verifies that the shipping address matches the billing address. Example of payment gateway is Authorize.net http://www.authorize.net

If you have only a few items, you can operate without a payment gateway and only with a merchant account — as long as you can manually assess the order and identify signs of fraud. All you need is a merchant account and a terminal where you can manually key in the credit card information

With a payment gateway, the order and credit card information is directly sent to your merchant account. So if the customer pressed the BUY NOW button twice, their card can be charged twice, as against when you manually key in the number, you can ignore the duplicate order

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