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About Scene Premiere

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Scene Premiere merchant services was built with one thing in mind…If you treat customers fair the Scene Premiere name will grow. There is no question accepting credit cards will benefit your business. The question is which credit card processing firm will best suit your needs and be honest with you? Scene Premiere is that company!

  • Our goal is to treat merchants fair. We feel that if a merchant feels they were treated fair they will stay with that firm for years to come. Resulting in a better merchant services relationship.
  • Scene Premiere understands that credit card processing can be difficult to understand. That is one of the greatest benefits of choosing Scene Premiere. Our account executives will not pressure you into anything like most organizations. Our courteous staff makes sure your are 100% comfortable understanding every aspect of your merchant account.
  • Some of the terms a merchant will hear from a merchant services provider are, discount rate, per transaction fee, statement fee, gateway fee. These can be very confusing. Scene Premiere makes it simple.
  • Scene Premiere will help you decide what credit card machine, virtual terminal, credit card processing system is best for your business needs.
  • Choosing a bank card services program that will result in the most money saved is what we are best at.
  • Don’t limit your Internet, retail, or professional business when you can quickly explode your sales and quickly get paid. Funds are available in your bank account in 24-48 hours. No more “The check is in the mail stories” and no more returned bad check fees. No more waiting for the check to clear or its arrival in your mail box.
  • 87% of Internet customers pay by credit card and it’s a fact that credit card holders seek out businesses that will accept credit cards. Accepting credit cards gives your company credibility.
  • You must be able to say, “We accept credit cards, Master Card, Visa, AMEX and Discover“, or you will loose the sale better than 60% of the time!
  • Your business will be fully automated 24 hrs/day 7 days/wk with our advanced automatic merchant services. Spend your valuable time concentrating on marketing your business, and with your new merchant account, you will be able to do business anywhere in the world!
  • Our Merchant Account system operates through dedicated secure servers that are up and running continuously. Problem free 24/7/365!
  • The system guarantees the security of your customer’s credit card transaction (actually safer than handing your card to someone at a restaurant) and insures that your customer can make a credit card transaction 24 hrs/day 7 days/wk.
  •  Our rates are so competitive, many holders of Bank Merchant Account programs have switched to our service and are now saving $1000’s of dollars a month.
  • Scene Premiere has many multi million dollar companies using our service and you will receive the same treatment they do.
  • Scene Premiere uses a few different credit card processing platforms to ensure you’re approved. With the volume you need, domestic or international.

We can also provide a second or third back up merchant account no problem! Terms are the same, use us as your backup!

To Be Successful In Business You
Must Accept Credit Cards…Why?

More and Larger Sales…

  • It’s a fact! When you can say “Yes, I accept credit cards”, sales increase by 60% or more.
  • 87% of the people who buy on the Internet use credit cards.
  • In direct marketing, 90% or more of your customers want to pay with a credit card.
  • Fact! The average credit card user spends 2.5 times more than a cash buyer.
  • Credit card holders are great impulse buyers and you capture sales you never would otherwise have had!

Cash Flow…

  • Your money is in the bank while others are still waiting for checks or money orders to clear or arrive at their post box.

Your Credibility is Enhanced…

  • Having the ability to accept credit cards raises the level of confidence your customers have in you as a legitimate business.

Higher Profit Margins…

  • Statistics have shown that credit card customers are less conscious of price differences than buyers who pay cash or by check.

Competitive Edge…

  • Credit card and ATM card users are known to seek out businesses that accept their cards. You need to be one of them!

Credit is King…

  • The very lifeblood of your business flows through credit! Your customer must be able to say to you, “Charge It!” You must also be able to say, “Yes, I can take your credit card online!”

Nothing less is acceptable for a successfully run business!

Internet facts that should be very meaningful to you:

Out of 220 million Americans:

  • 144 million have a Visa Card.
  • 93 million have a MasterCard.
  • 41 million have a Discover Card.
  • 25 million have an American Express Card.
  • 80.7% of all credit card holders have Visa and MasterCard.

Large or small, every business will have to take credit cards and if they want to stay in business.

  • It’s what your customer demands!
  • It’s a fact – much of your business depends on the ease with which your customer can pay for your goods and services – especially since so many people are impulse buyers.
  • If you can’t accept their money quickly, you will lose their sale!

Request your merchant account information today! Don’t delay and miss your opportunity to propel your business forward. Accept credit cards today using Scene Premiere merchant services. Contact us and get started as soon as possible!