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Need a Merchant Provider That Understands Your Business?

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Your business needs to be matched with a credit card processing solution tailored for the type of business it is. Different banks and processors accept different types of businesses; there is no one size fits all and you may be having trouble finding the one that fits yours. If you have been classified as high risk or run an online ios app development company business then you need to find a partner in the processing industry who is suited for your needs.

If you looking for a new or additional high risk merchant account we have the lowest rates in the business (as low as 2.2% for high risk lower for prime)! No set up fee, no monthly fee, no junk fees, cancel any time. Our solutions are 99% domestic based and have an average approval time of 48 hours. Even if you have been declined in the past or even placed on TMF, we have a solution for you. We work with most any industry:

βœ“ Adult Videos
βœ“ Airline Tickets
βœ“ Apparel
βœ“ Binary Options
βœ“ Bitcoins
βœ“ Cigars
βœ“ Credit Repair
βœ“ Collection Agencies
βœ“ Continuity
βœ“ Dating Websites
βœ“ Debt Consolidation
βœ“ Downloadable Software
βœ“ E-Cigarettes
βœ“ Educational Software
βœ“ Electronics
βœ“ Escort Services
βœ“ Extended Warranties
βœ“ Financial Services
βœ“ Forex Trading
βœ“ Insurance Brokers
βœ“ Internet Gambling
βœ“ Penny Auction
βœ“ Law Firms
βœ“ Pharmaceuticals
βœ“ Loan Services
βœ“ Magazine Subscriptions
βœ“ Matrimonial Services
βœ“ Multilevel Marketing
βœ“ Nutraceuticals
βœ“ Online Casinos
βœ“ Online Gaming
βœ“ Online Retail
βœ“ Personal Injury
βœ“ PPI Claims
βœ“ Phone Sex
βœ“ Satellite TV Repair
βœ“ Social Gaming
βœ“ Stock Trading
βœ“ Strip Clubs
βœ“ Tech Support
βœ“ Telemarketing
βœ“ Timeshares
βœ“ Travel Agencies
βœ“ Weight Loss
βœ“ Membership Sites
βœ“ Scholarship Programs

We provide the technology, support, and resources to deliver a complete payment processing solution for merchants of all sizes and types.

Benefits Include:
βœ“ Domestic and International Processing Support
βœ“ Advanced Fraud Prevention Tools
βœ“ Payer Authentication Services
βœ“ Advanced Reporting
βœ“ Competitive Pricing
βœ“ Quick and Easy Integration
βœ“ Virtual Terminal
βœ“ Recurring Billing
βœ“ Payment Gateway

βœ“ Access transaction reports in real-time
βœ“ View reporting for multiple merchant accounts through one login
βœ“ Securely download transaction data in multiple formats
βœ“ 24/7 support through your relationship manager
βœ“ Historical data available for previous 24 months
βœ“ Custom Reporting


Β Merchant and Credit Card Fraud

Remember…always keep up to date with merchant account fraud and credit card fraud education! Please see the following to help advise about credit card fraud and merchant account fraud and how you can avoid the issue:

PCI |Β FBI | FTC | Stop Fraud .govΒ | HG | USA.gov | DOJ | SS | FFIEC | CSOS

Contact us anytime with your merchantΒ processing questions.