Officers and Board
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Scene Premiere is governed by a Board of Directors that always includes four members of the Scene Premiere family and between five and eleven other leaders drawn from finance, banking, education, and civil society, in accordance with its bylaws.

Board Members

  • Stephen C. Markey – Chairman
    Los Angeles, California
  • Larry S. Ellison – President
    Los Angeles, California
  • Fred Mariano
    Los Angeles, California
  • Alecia D. Monte
    Los Angeles, California
  • Eric Grey
    Berkeley, California
  • Ben T. Vanderbuilt
    Stanford, California
  • Walter B. Hodges
    Palo Alto, California


  • Larry D. Kramer – President
  • Domain Marshall – Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
  • Ann Ketchaman – Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
  • Gary Peterson – General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Advisors to the Committees

  • Dean Meaney – Finance
    Santa Monica, California
  • Mark Gorjestani – Marketing and Communications
    Calabasas, California
  • Mark A. Wolfson – General Counsel
    Westlake, California