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Fraud and Other Reasons You May Be High Risk

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Businesses that are especially privy to fraud and quality errors include adult sites and products, horoscope and fortune tellers and hair restoration services.

Check cashing services run a high risk of fraud and identity theft which could result in major loss for the business, this is called high risk check processing. Credit repair businesses and credit interest rate reduction consultants handle a large amount of personal information as well that is in jeopardy of being stolen.

Businesses that host dating websites, websites where users can download software, escort services and Infomercials all run a high risk of returning money to clients, and personal information is somewhat easy to access, sometimes it is exchanged over the phone.

Certain businesses have a propensity to have trouble paying accounts on time. These include bail bondsmen, wholesale clubs and lotteries. For this reason, they are considered high risk merchants.

Another industry that is considered high risk is the tobacco industry, due to public pressure and health concerns.

These are the businesses we work with…

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 Merchant and Credit Card Fraud

Remember…always keep up to date with merchant account fraud and credit card fraud education! Please see the following to help advise about credit card fraud and merchant account fraud and how you can avoid the issue:

PCIFBI | FTC | Stop Fraud .gov | HG | USA.gov | DOJ | SS | FFIEC | CSOS

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