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AP financial audit, utility credit top meeting

AP financial audit, utility credit top meeting
The ACH system automates the billing and payment collection process. “As we continue to grow, we look forward to implementing some of the long-established technologies for billing,” he said. “This improves our efficiency to process payments and …
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Finance Director
Submit and maintain automatic ACH payments from members. • Maintain Petty Cash and reconcile. • Track revenue and expenses for all major events and work with event lead to ensure accurate reporting; balance smaller events with Membee reports …
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Pros And Cons Of Electronic Card Processing

Electronic card processing has its advantages and drawbacks like any other type of business. Unfortunately, not all business managers are aware of these lists of pros and cons of accepting credit cards, and they often times make the wrong choices when deciding to sign or not to sign up for such merchant options. Below you will find brief descriptions of the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision next time you are faced with one.

Benefits Of Accepting Merchant Accounts

You will get to enjoy an extra degree of security as compared to working with cash only. No more large amounts of cash lying around in your drawer, tempting robbers or employees. Also, no more risk of having your employees give out the wrong change to clients. Merchant accounts will also enable you to boost your sales due to the fact credit card orders are known to be larger than cash orders. The faster your checkout line, the faster you will be able to accept payments completed through credit cards. There is also the possibility to save some more money by actually accepting credit card payments as opposed to cash, and this is always good for the business. Another thing that is highly recommended for any business that uses communication systems to boost sales is the VoIP Addsource option. Managers can obtain bigger ROI rates and better communication options and we invite you to check out their full offer for a better insight into their work.   


Drawbacks Of Credit Card Processors  


Accepting credit cards will automatically increase the risk of credit card fraud over the internet; it will also generate costs attached to accepting credit card transactions, and there is always the risk of a chargeback. As long as you will respect the rules of the credit card companies you will be accepting, you should have no problems. However, keep in mind that consumers are prone to receive more protection when using their credit cards to make a payment in one of your stores, and they are known to win most disputes against merchants.

Real-time payments: coming to America?

Real-time payments: coming to America?
Banks are pretty consistent in their defence of the status quo: “ACH in the US is pretty darn effective,” said the payment executive at a major bank in an interview, noting that with ACH, Fedwire, cards and wires, users have a good range of choices. “I …
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How to stop ach payday loans
Halal food is the best food for your health. However, as a member of UCU? Stay away from this place. If you have a mortgage on your home, payment is due upon registration? If you are having difficulty making payments and want to see which options fit …
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Aptys Solutions Adds Industry Veteran Rose Davis to Senior Management Team
Rockwall, Texas-based Aptys Solutions provides financial institutions with a unified platform to support all methods of payment including image exchange, ACH processing, wire processing, payments archive, Federal Reserve messages, least cost routing, …
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What is the difference between an automatic draft (for online bill payments) and ACH payments?

Question by Genevie: What is the difference between an automatic draft (for online bill payments) and ACH payments?
I have recently set up a very basic savings account at my mothers credit union and yesterday when I called the credit union to ask if I could set up online payments to come out of this account, the teller told me that this account only accepts ACH payments. What does that mean?

Best answer:

Answer by Go with the flow
She might have meant ACH deposits only.
Like direct deposit from your employer.
All savings accounts I know do not allow debits to pay your bills.
For this, you would need a checking account.

*That’s the difference between a savings account and a checking.
If you could pay bills with a savings account, then there would be no difference between the two accounts.
They would both be called checking accounts.

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7 Lessons from Target's Breach

7 Lessons from Target's Breach
Although the attack drew attention to the need for bolstered cybersecurity measures, retail breaches show no signs of abating. Other major payments breaches at retailers since Target have included Sally Beauty, Michaels, Home Depot, Kmart and Staples, …

The Single Most Important Metric to Measure to Improve Your Cash Flow
Make it easy for your clients to pay. Accept credit cards, PayPal, and other online payment options. Set clients up on auto-pay through an ACH bank draft or credit card. Take payments by phone or through your Web site. Make sure your invoice clearly …
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WSOP New Jersey: Independent Review and New Player Guide
The easiest way to make a deposit at WSOP NJ is to use the instant check feature, also known as an ACH payment. They typically have no fees and can accommodate both deposits and withdrawals, but must be used with a checking account. To transfer …
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TransUnion SmartMove(R) Partners With YapStone's RentPayment(TM) to Offer
Through the YapStone integration, renters can submit rent payments, security deposits, or other fees to landlords using debit cards, credit cards, or ACH. "Traditional solutions for tenant credit checks and online payment solutions are based on monthly …
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Woman Must Arbitrate Payday Loan Claims

Woman Must Arbitrate Payday Loan Claims
… deposit payday loan proceeds or debit payday loan payments from customers' bank accounts in states where the loans are illegal and unenforceable without defendants' willingness to allow the illegal online payday lenders to access the ACH Network …
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Q&A: how can accept ACH payments ?

Question by Muhammad Kashif: how can accept ACH payments ?

Best answer:

Answer by Qasim
ACH Processing through National Processing can save you time and money with rates as low as
$ 0.12 FLAT! We can guarantee a lower rate if you are currently processing. Call our specialists today
at 800-720-3323 to learn more about our ACH services.

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Lastest ACH Payment News

PayStand takes on PayPal with a new e-commerce service that accepts bitcoin
PayStand accepts both credit cards and automated clearing house (ACH) payments in the from of eChecks and Dwolla transfers, but it is also making bitcoin a key element of its service, allowing merchants to deal directly in the crypto-currency if they …
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Pennsylvania District Saves 000 Annually with E-Payments
We now have more flexible payment options — ACH, AP Cards and electronic print check — and we like the fact that NVoicePay is proactive in following up with our suppliers" added DeAngelis. More information is available at About the Author.
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Property taxes due Wednesday

Property taxes due Wednesday
Residents can set up ACH payment plans. These payments are automatically deducted from a checking or savings account. Payments are spread over either a quarterly or 10-month period. It's easy to sign up for and easy to cancel. Call (320) 656-3870 and …
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New payment solutions debut at Finovate
WingCash—Through its service, people make purchases using a cloud-based, smart ewallet and pay using digital cash, including branded egifts, epromos, eloyalty, and erewards. • Knox—Facilitates ACH payments online using a user's online banking login.
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Western Union Business Solutions and Aptys Solutions Announce New

Western Union Business Solutions and Aptys Solutions Announce New
Rockwall, Texas-based Aptys Solutions provides financial institutions with a unified platform to support all methods of payment including image exchange, ACH processing, wire processing, payments archive, Federal Reserve messages, least cost routing, …
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TCI ePay is Changing the Way Oilfield Service Companies and Oilfield Suppliers
TCI ePay gives buyers a streamlined way to eliminate paper checks, migrate to ACH and pay their suppliers much faster. Furthermore, a built-in “Pay Me Now” interface delivers an early-pay option for suppliers where they can get paid in under 24 hours.
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