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Breach risk a retail reality

Breach risk a retail reality
Cyberattacks are growing in size, too, with tens of millions of consumers potentially facing the prospect of having their identities or credit or debit card account information stolen. One breach of 100 million records or more has been reported in each …
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The Struggle to Make the Checkout Lane Safer
We hold instant gratification in high regard, so rather than appreciating a worker's effort to prevent credit card fraud, a customer would probably be irritated if asked to produce their ID during a transaction. Jeffrey Sklar, a financial … “The …
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New weapon to fight credit card fraud at the gas station
Criminals who steal credit or debit cards or make counterfeit ones with stolen account numbers need somewhere to use them without getting caught. At self-serve gas … “As soon as we see that high-risk transaction, we also send the issuing bank a …

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Has Operation Choke Point Ended?
Has your bank account been canceled for no good reason? If you're … Until recently, that guidance contained a list of about 30 “high risk” industries, including ammunition, drug paraphernalia, pornography, home-based charities, and many others …

Europe's Sign2Pay Launches To Simplify Mobile Debit Payments And Oil The
You don't have to enter your PayPal account, you don't have to install a PayPal app, you don't have to put in your credit card details because it's a merchant that might not have your credit card on file,” he adds. … To ensure the business can manage …
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Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of US Territories

Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of US Territories
But it is important to think of yield as compensation for risk (or even as a measure of risk) and in this case, that yield is payment for structural budget deficits, chronic deficit financing, elevated government payrolls, high energy costs and non …
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Futures, Cash Waltz Lower, But Restocking Could Be A Problem
The seasonal high in Boston is 50. Albany, NY's Tuesday high of 52 was seen making it to 61 on Wednesday but slipping to 55 Thursday. The normal early April high in Albany is 52. Philadelphia's Tuesday high of 59 was anticipated to reach 66 on …
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SEC Enforcement: Traders Used Wives' Information to Make Insider Trades
Risk-Based Oversight of Investment Advisors Even if the SEC had a larger budget and more resources, it is doubtful that the Commission would have the resources to regularly examine all RIAs. Therefore, the SEC is likely to continue relying on risk …
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'City Is Still in Distress': Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Opens

'City Is Still in Distress': Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Opens
On June 17 of this year, at just before midnight, the Budi Mesra Dua was overcome by a high-speed wooden boat as she steamed slowly with a cargo of diesel oil, according to an account from ReCAAP. Six pirates armed with swords tied down the crew of the …

Ready for Battle
Risks impacting retailers' information technology systems and data breaches “are at an all-time high,” according to the 2014 BDO Retail Risk Factor Report. Since 2009, the number of retailers citing concerns over data security has more than doubled …
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