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Clinton campaign's 'big ticket item': Tackling college debt

Clinton campaign's 'big ticket item': Tackling college debt
Martin O' Malley, “Clinton is not expected to go as far as some on the left want and call for 'debt-free' college,” reported The Washington Post. How to reduce student loans will be a hot-button topic for many young people this election, as nationwide …
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Ukraine debt crisis: Kiev faces fight with creditors as it reels from Putin's
Such long-term debt sustainability forecasts are often met with scepticism. This is even more so the case when it comes to Ukraine. In the last few months, the IMF has had to adjust its forecasts, now expecting GDP to drop 9pc this year, rather than …
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Mexico watchdog agency fines debt collectors $12 million for harassment as

Mexico watchdog agency fines debt collectors million for harassment as
Mexico's banking sector has a high level of past-due debt. But banks in Mexico don't do a very good job keeping track of their customers, checking out references or making sure the phone numbers listed on credit applications actually belong to borrowers.
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Not all debt management and credit repair companies have your best interest at
The promise is great to help you get out of debt. But not all debt management companies have your best interest in mind. Now the state of Florida is going after three companies, Financial Help Services, Nation Wide Consumer Debt Relief and Bobby Blac.
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Limited Progress Seen on Greek Debt Talks as Ministers' Meeting Ends
European Union policy makers wanted some form of agreement on Thursday to avoid the issue of the Greek debt crisis overshadowing a two-day summit meeting of the bloc's national leaders, who are meant to discuss migration and other issues, like Britain …
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Treasurys' Swoon Doesn't Rattle Debt Investors
Although U.S. Treasury prices are on track for their first quarterly decline since 2013 and many debt investors are in the red for the year, money managers remain mostly upbeat on Treasurys. Their optimism is supported by reduced economic expectations …
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BLACKROCK WARNS: China's debt has lost its potency and is now 'turning into
Blackrock, citing a study by consultancy group McKinsey, says that between 2007 to 2014 total debt accumulated in China ballooned by $ 21 trillion. That increase took total Chinese debt as a percentage of GDP from 158% to 282% in just eight years.
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Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of US Territories

Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of US Territories
But it is important to think of yield as compensation for risk (or even as a measure of risk) and in this case, that yield is payment for structural budget deficits, chronic deficit financing, elevated government payrolls, high energy costs and non …
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Futures, Cash Waltz Lower, But Restocking Could Be A Problem
The seasonal high in Boston is 50. Albany, NY's Tuesday high of 52 was seen making it to 61 on Wednesday but slipping to 55 Thursday. The normal early April high in Albany is 52. Philadelphia's Tuesday high of 59 was anticipated to reach 66 on …
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SEC Enforcement: Traders Used Wives' Information to Make Insider Trades
Risk-Based Oversight of Investment Advisors Even if the SEC had a larger budget and more resources, it is doubtful that the Commission would have the resources to regularly examine all RIAs. Therefore, the SEC is likely to continue relying on risk …
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