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Justice Department probes banks for fraud

Justice Department probes banks for fraud
Critics say the heightened scrutiny and threat of prosecution will lead banks and payment processors to stop doing business with any merchant considered to be high-risk. And without those financial services, law-abiding companies, not just a few bad …
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Ten Things Never To Do When Designing A Fraud Solution
3-D Secure, a protocol designed to help online merchants reduce the incidences of fraud online was designed to do just that. But 3-D Secure has often been criticized for … 6. Score + Rules = Winning Strategy. A sophisticated scoring system along with …
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Mobile-Enabled Commerce Will Yield The Next 0B Startup
Companies in the Mobile Payments and Retail Enablement categories like Square and RetailMeNot capitalized early on the transition to mobile by building new businesses or reinventing old businesses to take advantage of growing merchant and consumer …
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