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ChangeTip Wants To Kill Clickbait With Social Bitcoin Micropayments

ChangeTip Wants To Kill Clickbait With Social Bitcoin Micropayments
The closest we've yet come to a functioning, mass adopted micropayment model is arguably app stores, where the mobile device user has attached their payment credentials to their device account or carrier — allowing them to purchase apps for small …
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MetaBank(R) announces agreement with UniRush, LLC to issue the Prepaid
MetaBank(R) , through its Meta Payment Systems(R) (MPS) division, delivers innovative financial products that change the way people use, borrow and manage money. Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, MPS is a recognized leader in the prepaid card …
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Moved by Hertle, seconded by Wiley, to approve checks numbered 211331 through 211504, payroll checks numbered 137706 through 137748, and ACH deposits numbered 21465 through 21735, for payment. All members voting aye thereon. Motion carried.
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International Payment Processing Company PacNet Services to Attend ERA
Some of the payment facilities offered by PacNet include check processing, credit card processing in 130 currencies, direct debit, EFT, ACH and bank transfer collection from the US, UK and around the world. PacNet also initiates outgoing payments by …
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