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Why Afghan Taliban Are Ready to Talk

Why Afghan Taliban Are Ready to Talk
FILE – A general view of the Taliban office in Doha, Qatar. Afghan and … Political analyst Hasan Askari Rizvi said they shifted their policy in favor of having a stable government in Afghanistan with a “friendly working relationship with Pakistan …
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One Presidential Candidate Just Promised To Wage War In 4 Different Countries
In his first major foreign policy speech as a presidential candidate, Graham told a packed room at the Atlantic Council think tank in D.C. what he would do if he became Commander in Chief, a list that tilted heavily to where he would use military force …
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Interim Controls in the Mission Not the Same As a Moratorium
"It would benefit everyone if we acknowledge that this added scrutiny is happening and is going to happen," says Planning Department senior policy adviser AnMarie Rodgers. "It's easier if we write up expectations, and inform the public and … Called …
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