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Residents targeted by credit card scammers

Residents targeted by credit card scammers
When the wife contacted Ipayment to inquire about the account, she was told that a business account was opened under Timberwood Construction in September. The woman told the deputy that although the account was opened using the correct address, …
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KKR third-quarter earnings beat expectations amid surge in cash
Its economic net income (ENI), a metric of profitability that takes into account the mark-to-market valuation of the portfolio, was $ 419 million on a post-tax basis, down from $ 571 million a year ago. This translated into … KKR's divestments in the …
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How Conservative Media's Conspiracy Targeted An Anti-Fraud Program

How Conservative Media's Conspiracy Targeted An Anti-Fraud Program
Based on the suspicion that some banks — acting with knowledge or willful blindness — conducted business with fraudulent merchants or those merchants' third-party payment processors, an assistant United States attorney drafted a proposal to …
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Is the government choking off financial services for businesses it doesn't like?
… Choke Point as the reason why their banks canceled their accounts. Paranoid? Maybe not. Both industries were on a list of 30 industries associated with a high risk of fraudulent activity issued by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 2011 …
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An Overview of American Express And Our Price Estimate
Acquiring Bank of the Merchant – processes the credit card transaction for the merchant. Interchange Rate – paid to the issuing bank for lending credit and undertaking the associated risk. Network Services Provider Fees – to compensate for the costs …
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